Welcome to Pets Playground Grooming School



Pets Playground Grooming School is a nationally accredited Pet Grooming School. We can offer our students federal funding to attend our grooming school. To find out more about federal financial aid to pay for your pet grooming education at Pets Playground Pet Grooming School check out our financial aid links. Here  you can find many references about federal funding qualifications and enrollment.


Our goal is to provide a solid foundation of both written and hands-on experience, dealing with a large cross-section of breeds of both dogs & cats. Our main objective is to incorporate the skills necessary for our students to graduate from our school with the ability to successfully seek and maintain employment as highly accomplished, pet groomers.

Huge opportunities presently exist in the grooming industry, these are found in grooming shops, Vet’s offices, as well as, the newly popular “Mobile Grooming Units”. We can also show you how to establish your own grooming shop. For students interested in the “show” circuit, our pro-groomer classes will provide you with the foundation for which additional years of hands-on grooming and continued training will lead, to “Master Groomer” status.

We are here to help you with whatever your grooming goals may be and strive for each of our graduates to become highly successful members of the grooming industry.